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Emergency Service Calls made by Charlotte Locksmith employees constitute a huge majority of the work we do.  When people need a locksmith, they are usually in a hurry.  Mistakes happen every day, and every citizen of Charlotte has been guilty of annoying mistakes, like locking your keys in a vehicle, but some of us have been the unfortunate parents to lock our children in a vehicle.  In the summer months, that can be especially deadly for infants, which is why Charlotte Locksmith technicians are always ready to respond to every call as if it were an
emergency.  We guarantee to be on-site anywhere in Charlotte in less than 30 minutes because we know how important the safety of your family is.  We also know how important their security is.

Charlotte Locksmith has been around for years, changing locks, copying keys, resetting security systems and opening storage units for hundreds of needy customers.  When our customers need us, Charlotte Locksmith technicians are on-site and evaluating every concern our customers have and providing free assessments in less than an hour.  We are known for our punctuality, especially when it comes to our regularly scheduled appointments.  We always recommend letting our representatives know exactly what you would like when you call our office so that our installers can better assist you when they arrive.  They can even bring multiple options of locks, door knobs, security boxes and security pads for you to choose from. 
Everything we do at Charlotte Locksmith is aimed at making your entire experience easier and more enjoyable.  When contractors claim to have the most experienced staff around, they are probably right—but between the years of experience our older staff members have garnered, and the top-notch training our newest members have, we guarantee satisfaction on every job.  Charlotte Locksmith technicians and installers will even return to every job-site in the first 30 days following any service if you are dissatisfied with the job they did.  And there is no
need to ever worry about letting safe, courteous, background-checked technicians into your home; we take great care when hiring our people—after all, we are hiring heroes.

If there is one thing that separates us from our competition, it’s a dedication to perfection that no one else can match.  Charlotte Locksmith enjoys being the local leader in providing high quality security solutions.  Every time we unlock another vehicle and potentially save the life of a loved one, be it a pet, child, or disabled person, we reaffirm why we what we do.  Our expert technicians have the experience necessary to make crucial decisions in moments of great need; make no mistake, deciding which lock to put on your patio door is just as important of a moment as when you hear the lock snap open on your car-door.  Especially after burglaries, give Charlotte Locksmith a call and
let the professionals help you feel safe in your home again.  Call us today and we can even make a no-nonsense assessment of your home’s security and recommend affordable solutions to bolster its defenses.

Call Charlotte Locksmith today, courteous representatives are waiting to take your call.  We enjoy what we do, so let us help you save money on important home and auto decisions.
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